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Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. has conducted comprehensive Security Audits at over 30 Hospital Corporation of America sites (HCA hospitals) across the country.  Our trained professionals have installed Security Systems in many other Healthcare facilities, including LifePoint Hospitals, Brookdale Senior Living Centers and many others.  We are here to serve you needs.
Security / Safety Auditing
Our staff of Security/Safety Healthcare Professionals have over 50 years working in the Healthcare industry throughout the U.S.  Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. can provide comprehensive Security Audits of your Medical Facility, detailing recommendations to assist in the safe guarding of your patients, staff and visitors.  Loss Preventions Systems, Inc.  also maintains certified professional installation technicians for any low voltage products to be installed. 

McRoberts Security Technologies
MyChild™ Infant & Adult Patient Tracking and Protection

A proven infant abduction deterrent and patient tracking system, that provides scalable protection, from basic perimeter protection to state-of-the-art sensing and tracking system.
Safety Program Development
Conducting healthcare safety gap analysis. This involves a comparison of a facilities' current safety program to an optimum program that meet regulatory (OSHA) and Joint Commission requirements.  As a result, the financial benefits are gained from lower losses and savings from the reduction workers compensation.  Safety and Security program development. This involves the identification of facility resources and the development of a organizational structure that meet the needs of the facility and external requirements. The results provides optimum use of resources and time applied to the environmental safety and security program.  This also reduces expense and provides savings in the reduction of losses from premises liability.


An equipment and personnel protection, tracking and management system using patented tamper sensing wireless tags.

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Institutional Installations & Sales

CCTV Camera System installed.
Mentor Network
Brain Restorative Site
San Antonio, Texas

27 Card Reader System installed.

Brookdale Senior Living Centers.
Dayton, Ohio

24 Camera System installed.
LifePoint Hospitals.
Winchester, Tennessee

30 Camera System installed.
Elder Care facility.
Cleveland, Ohio

Door Annunciator System installed.

Locally owned Elder Care facility.
ocky River, Ohio

Multi Phase Access Control System installed.
LifePoint Hospitals.
Livingston, Tennessee

Access Control system installed.
Independent Living facility.
Birmingham, Alabama

Infant Abduction system installed.
Cullman Regional Medical Center.
Cullman, Alabama

Comprehensive CCTV System installed.
LifePoint Hospitals.
Lebanon, Kentucky

Conducted 30 plus Security Audits nationwide.

Large National Hospital chain.
Nashville, Tennessee

Sold WIFI IP Cameras.

Brookdale Senior Living Centers.
Nashville, Tennessee

Recording products for site installed.
Nursing Home location.
Nashville, Tennessee

CCTV Camera System installed.
Mentor Network
Brain Restorative Site

Hammond, Louisiana

To:  Loss Prevention Systems Inc.

Once I got back to work from being out sick, the employee that received the DVR instruction was out sick.  We were able to sit down and review it today.  I am very pleased with the system.  The cameras are placed well, and the software interface is user friendly.  Thank you so much for your help and following up.  

Best Regards,

R. Zarel McClung, MS, LPC

Program Director
NeuroRestorative-San Antonio
San Antonio, TX 78213

Veteran Owned,

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc.
Michael Landers, President

(615) 788-4966