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Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. can provide comprehensive Security Audits/Surveys of your sites.  Our professionals can evaluate your vulnerabilities and make recommendations to reduce threats.  We can detail equipment suggestions, locations and provide a turn key installation of all products.
Access Control / Intercom Door Release
Whether you need a solution that gives you control with allowing access to authorized personal, denying access to unauthorized people or track who comes and goes, on one door or over an entire campus, Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. offers a variety of cost-effective access control products.  Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. can provide access control for your doors, gates, fences, turnstiles and for other secure locations.

Cafeteria POS Interface Systems

Designed by Food Service Directors and Business Managers alike, our TCP-IP client-server Point-of-Sale software system is developed to meet the specific needs of a school cafeteria environment.


CCTV, Wireless, Analog and IP Video Surveillance   Systems
Customized state of the art integrated video surveillance solutions that seamlessly integrate to provide a complete security solution both inside and around your school or campus.

Video Entry Intercom Systems
Safely authorize access to legitimate visitors, and with a video entry intercom systems, we offer the solution that allows you to see and talk with people before admitting them into a secured building.

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Educational Facility Installations.

Remote Video, Intercom and Lock Release Entry Systems installed in all 20 schools and Central Office.
Dublin City Schools
Dublin, Ohio

CCTV Surveillance System installed.
Morgan County Schools
Wartburg, Tennesee

Network Video Recorders installed in all schools.
Chagrin Falls School System
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Installed 60 plus Card Readers and Video Intercom Door Entry system.

Overton County School System
Livingston, Tennessee

Remote Video, Intercom and Lock Release Entry Systems installed in all schools.

Chagrin Falls School System
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Installed Digital Video Recorders in all schools.
Morgan County Schools
Wartburg, Tennesee

Veteran Owned,

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc.
Michael Landers, President

(615) 788-4966