Loss Prevention Systems, Inc.
Specialists in Healthcare, Educational, Commercial & Industrial Security/Safety Systems
Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. is a national leader in Security and Loss Prevention products and installations
servicing Healthcare, Educational, Commercial & Industrial facilities nationwide. 
Whether you operate an individual location, national chain, a manufacturing business with one location or several, a warehousing facility holding valuable inventory or a healthcare operation, Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. is here to assist.

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. has the experience, expertise and products necessary to engineer, install and service a highly-effective customized security solution.  We are also able to service most existing systems.

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. works with certified, trained technicians, system designers, engineers, and project managers to ensure the customer receives the most effective and efficient security solutions. Our technicians respond to calls twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year and in many cases are able to provide equipment loaners to replace system components removed for repair.

Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. will assist with evaluating your specific requirements.  Will provide professionally designed systems.  Recommend specific products as suited to meet your requirements and provide a free estimate.  We will also provide equipment demonstrations at a site of your choice.
  Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. is a one-stop shop for design, engineer, installation and maintenance of security products and security systems.

For a free job-site analysis, or a specific list of referrals and additional information on the technologies Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. can provide for you, please contact us at your convenience (information below).


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